Standard Sizes for Pai Sho Sets

Here are the measurements for standard Pai Sho board and tile sizes, helpful whether you are buying or building your own Pai Sho set.

Whether buying or building, remember that the base for a Pai Sho board is an 18 x 18 grid of squares cut into a circle. This means that the outermost lines of the base grid are not part of the actual playing field. See the print-and-play set or reference all the board designs on to make sure you get the number of lines and spacing right on your board.

Full Size

A full-size Pai Sho board is between 23″ and 24″ in diameter.

Full-size tiles should be between 1.125″ to 1.25″ in diameter.

On a full-size Pai Sho board, you can also use small-size tiles.


A small Pai Sho board is between 17″ and 18″ in diameter.

Small tiles are just under 1″ in diameter.


Want to build your own giant or tiny Pai Sho set? For whatever reason you might have for making a non-standard Pai Sho board, here’s the only rule you should follow:

For any Pai Sho board, the tiles should fit inside the squares on the board.

That’s it! If you build your own Pai Sho set, share a picture with me – I’d love to show it off for you and share it with everyone!

Buying Pai Sho

See the Buying Pai Sho page for reviews of the available options for buying Pai Sho boards and tiles.