Skud Pai Sho Debut Tournament

The very first Skud Pai Sho tournament has been completed!

The winner of this tournament was awarded a set of Skud Pai Sho tiles from Lyris Laser Studio, provided by SkudPaiSho.

The tournament followed a two-stage Swiss-style structure, with two groups of 6 players playing 3 rounds, and then a championship match between the winner of each group.

Below is the tournament summary and links to view all the matches, with winners marked in bold.

The players are:

Group 1

  • Cyril
  • KasperBest
  • SpinxKreuz
  • foxthib
  • HandsomeButcher
  • Amorphous

Group 2

  • ethanmiter000
  • Helianthus_Paisho
  • Andrew
  • jollyblondgiant
  • HectorLowe
  • DomonicG

Round 1 Matchups

  • Cyril vs foxthib – View game replay
  • KasperBest vs HandsomeButcher – (Game did not finish; KasperBest ruled the winner)
  • SpinxKreuz vs Amorphous – View game replay
  • ethanmiter000 vs jollyblondgiantView game replay
  • Helianthus_Paisho vs HectorLowe – View game replay
  • Andrew vs DomonicG – (Game did not finish; ruled a tie)

Round 2 Matchups

  • Amorphous vs HandsomeButcher (HandsomeButcher has withdrawn from tournament)
  • foxthib vs SpinxKreuzView game replay
  • KasperBest vs CyrilView game replay
  • HectorLowe vs DomonicG – (Game did not finish; HectorLowe ruled the winner)
  • ethanmiter000 vs AndrewView game replay
  • jollyblondgiant vs Helianthus_PaishoView game replay

Round 3 Matchups

Final Match