Buying Pai Sho

Here are all of the resources I’ve found for buying a Pai Sho set. Because sooner or later, you know that playing online just won’t be good enough!

Want to skip the reviews? Click here to buy the most affordable Pai Sho set or click here for the most affordable wooden Pai Sho board and tiles.

Most Affordable

Aside from the free print-and-play set, the most affordable Skud Pai Sho set is available at The Game Crafter for $30 plus shipping. Many thanks to Pai Sho tile artist Hector Lowe for making this available! See the review for more pictures of it.

The most affordable wooden Pai Sho board and tiles are available from me at The Garden Gate shop.

There is also another Pai Sho set available from The Game Crafter, but I am not sure who has made this available, so I will call it the Stranger Pai Sho Set. It looks like a good option if you are interested in a full Wiki Pai Sho set or the older tile designs.

Wooden Pai Sho Sets

Standard sizes for Pai Sho sets are Small (18-inch board, tiles about 1-inch) and Large (roughly 24-inch board, tiles about 1.25-inch). Choose a board and tiles that are the same size for an awesome and unique Pai Sho set!

The Garden Gate Board – Recommended Small Board

I sell modular small-size Pai Sho boards available at The Garden Gate shop. Unlike the other boards that are available, these are made from different wood materials so that the colors of the board are differently colored all-natural woods. Take a look!

If it’s not currently listed, it means I’m catching up on orders. Feel free to contact me to request it to be listed!

IrohPaiSho Board – Recommended Small Board

The IrohPaiSho shop on Etsy sells a classic-looking standard small-size 18″ Pai Sho board that looks nice and sturdy. If that classic look and solid feel is what you’re looking for, check it out!

JasmineQuasar Board – Highly Recommended Large Board

JasmineQuasar on Etsy sells a large Pai Sho board that looks incredible. If you asked me what Pai Sho board you should get, I would tell you to get this one! Unfortunately, it is not always available.

Lyris Laser Studio Board (Large)

The Lyris Laser Studio Pai Sho board is nice, but I would recommend looking into other options, especially the JasmineQuasar board. The Lyris Laser board is just shy of 24″ and is 1/4″ thick. The colors are painted onto the board, so the color has a very solid, classic look to it.

Skud/Wiki Pai Sho Tiles

The Garden Gate Tiles – Highly Recommended Small and Large Tiles

I offer sets of small and large laser-cut tiles for Skud Pai Sho at The Garden Gate shop. Unlike the other tiles that are available, these tiles feature the modern tile designs and the colors of the Basic Flower tiles are distinguishable, preserving the visual harmony built into the tile designs – the Red Flowers have dark/engraved petals and the White Flowers have light/non-engraved petals in both the standard and inverted designs.

The White Lotus Initiate tiles are the most affordable wooden tiles available. I created these so that there was a great set of wooden Pai Sho with an affordable price tag. They are nice, but I recommend spending more to get the higher quality White Lotus Master tiles that are much nicer.

The White Lotus Master tiles are laser-cut Pai Sho tiles with the tile designs engraved in gorgeous high-quality detail. You can choose from a variety of solid hardwoods to create your own custom set of tiles. I aim to make these the best Pai Sho tiles available at a great price.

The Grand Lotus tiles are Uncle Iroh’s personal Pai Sho tiles. Well… they’re as close as anyone will get. These are extremely high-quality Pai Sho tiles, having higher quality engraves than the White Lotus Master tiles, and they are also available in exotic hardwoods like purpleheart. If you want to support my work on The Garden Gate and have the coolest Pai Sho tiles around, this is for you.

If something is not currently listed, it means I’m catching up on orders. Feel free to contact me to request it to be listed!

EmoryDunn Tiles – Recommended Small Tiles

The Pai Sho tiles available from EmoryDunn on Etsy are nice small-sized tiles and are available in a variety of different kinds of wood. If you are looking for a full Wiki Pai Sho set or the older tile designs as opposed to the modern tile designs available at The Garden Gate shop, I recommend these tiles.

Lyris Laser Studio Tiles

Lyris Laser Studio sells sets of large Pai Sho tiles. They offer a Skud Pai Sho set or a full Wiki Pai Sho set. Either way, it is a full two-player sets of tiles, with one set having the tile design engraved inverted to distinguish between the tiles. The quality of these tiles is similar to the quality of the White Lotus Initiate tiles from The Garden Gate shop, which are more affordable. Consider spending a little more to get the most incredible Pai Sho tiles available – the large White Lotus Master tiles from The Garden Gate shop.

Vagabond and Capture Pai Sho Tiles

Vagabond and Capture Pai Sho tiles are available from The Garden Gate shop in White Lotus Initiate, White Lotus Master, and Grand Lotus options. If something isn’t listed and you’re interested, contact me!