Real Pai Sho Sets and Buying Pai Sho

Here you will find information about making a Pai Sho set, what to know about buying a set, and recommended sets to buy. Because sooner or later, you know that playing online just won’t be good enough!

The Best Pai Sho Sets To Buy

Here are the Pai Sho sets I recommend the most. For more information about these shops, what might be available, or items from any other shops, ask at The Garden Gate Discord. Also consider making your own – scroll down for more on making your own board and the free print-and-play set. Note that the sets I recommend for Skud Pai Sho have tiles that either distinguish between red/dark and white/light flower tiles or have a different consistent design philosophy.

The Garden Gate TheGameCrafter Pai Sho Set (or just the tiles) – An affordable classic board-game-style Pai Sho set by The Garden Gate available at TheGameCrafter. Includes tiles for playing Skud, Vagabond, Adevăr, and more! Read more about the set here. Also available on TheGameCrafter is the Key Pai Sho TheGameCrafter Set and the Adevăr Pai Sho – Rose Edition set.

NerdzwithLazerz – Recommended for Skud Pai Sho tiles with The Garden Gate Project designs or Modern tile designs, Vagabond Pai Sho tiles, and Adevăr Pai Sho tiles. Shop also sells wooden Iroh’s Element Cards sets and more!

The Woodworker Shop – Highly recommended boards, may be able to make one upon request. You can contact the seller in The Garden Gate Discord.

A few unique items to note:

Skud’s Shop: The Garden Gate Shop – I aim to make the best sets available, but only open up for orders occasionally or upon request. Get updates in Discord! Scroll down for more info and pricing for my shop.

Are you a seller? Ask me about getting featured here and how to make the best Pai Sho sets! I make everything I use to make Pai Sho sets available for free – see the Design Downloads page for more.

Making Your Own Pai Sho Set

Pai Sho Board

The Pai Sho Board. Whether buying or building, remember that the base for a Pai Sho board is an 18 x 18 grid of squares cut into a circle. This means that the outermost lines of the base grid are not part of the actual playing field. See the print-and-play set or reference all the board designs on to make sure you get the number of lines and spacing right on your board.

Use as a reference for which points on the board are playable, especially if you are planning to make a “stop-line” style board, where the lines stop at the outermost playable points. Many boards would benefit from a border around the edge so the outermost points are usable without pieces falling off of the board.

Board with coordinates

Reference this board image with the x and y axis coordinates labeled to be sure you understand how many lines are on the board and where they go.

Standard sizes for Pai Sho sets:

  • Small. 18-inch (46cm) circle playing field with squares at least 1-inch, tiles about 1-inch (2.5cm)
  • Large. Roughly 23-inch or 24-inch (60cm) circle playing field with squares at least 1.25-inch, tiles about 1.25-inch or a bit less (3.1cm)

Note that this means large tiles do not fit on a small board. Also, some sellers make a medium-size board that’s somewhere in between small and large.

Making your own Pai Sho board is a fun project and a great way to get a nice wooden board. See more about how I recommend making a DIY, no tools needed board here.

Free Print-and-Play Set

Download this free print-and-play Pai Sho set pdf (or the LibreOffice Draw source file) to create your own Pai Sho set! It includes a board, Skud Pai Sho tiles, and Vagabond Pai Sho tiles. For a plain board design, more Skud Pai Sho tile design sets, expansion tiles, and other games, download the full print-and-play set pdf (or source file) and the Ginseng Tiles print-and-play pdf. Print it as it is to get a large Pai Sho board, or print it at 80% size to get a small Pai Sho board.

Other printables:

The Garden Gate Pai Sho Shop Info

My shop is not always open. The link to my shop will be in Discord, which is where I announce items being relisted. To join the Discord to get updates about the shop, or to get in touch with any questions, visit the Contact SkudPaiSho page. See examples of the boards and tiles I make on my Instagram.

The Garden Gate Pai Sho Tiles

I offer different levels of quality for tiles. Here are the details:

White Lotus Master: High quality hardwood tiles. You can choose from a variety of solid hardwoods to create your own custom set of tiles. Here’s an estimate on pricing:

  • Skud Pai Sho tiles: $65 (small) or $85 (large)
  • Adevăr Pai Sho tiles: $75 (small)
  • Vagabond Pai Sho or Capture Pai Sho tiles: $32 (small) or $45 (large)

Grand Lotus: Occasionally I offer Grand Lotus tiles. These are engraved in extremely high-quality detail and they are also available in exotic hardwoods like purpleheart and zebrawood. These tiles are a special item for those who are able to support the work I’ve done to create Skud Pai Sho and The Garden Gate. The pricing on Grand Lotus tiles is about twice as much as the White Lotus Master tiles.

The Garden Gate Pai Sho Board – $100

I make modular small-size Pai Sho boards, made from different woods for the different colored sections of the board. Take a look! The pieces of the board can be assembled and taken apart like puzzle pieces, making it easy to travel with.

Iroh’s Element Cards

Iroh’s Element Cards print-and-play download. For rules, see The Garden Gate Discord.

The Garden Gate Pai Sho Stickers and Merch

See the SkudPaiSho RedBubble page for The Garden Gate stickers and other merch.