The Garden Gate TheGameCrafter Pai Sho Set

Play four of the most popular Pai Sho games with The Garden Gate Pai Sho Set available from TheGameCrafter! Also available is just the game pieces without a board or box for extras or replacements. (Also available is the Key Pai Sho set, which includes the delightful Key Pai Sho designs and is suitable for playing Key Pai Sho as well as Skud, Vagabond, and Ginseng Pai Sho games).

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Skud Pai Sho

Skud Pai Sho

Arrange flowers into position while changing the landscape of the board to outpace your opponent.

View Skud Pai Sho Rules or Download Skud Pai Sho Rulebook

Printable Resources:

Tile Cards: Color or Black and White
Use tile cards to organize your Basic Flower Tiles that have yet to be played and as a reference of how the Basic Flower Tiles harmonize and clash.

Vagabond Pai Sho

Vagabond Pai Sho

Construct a battlefield by deploying tiles across the board, then attack your opponent’s Lotus tile.

View Vagabond Pai Sho Rules

Adevăr Pai Sho

Adevăr Pai Sho

See through your opponent’s deception and skillfully craft your own disguise to further your hidden objective.

View Adevăr Pai Sho Rules

Ginseng Pai Sho

Ginseng pai Sho

Advance your Lotus into enemy territory with the power of the original benders and protective harmonies.

View Ginseng Pai Sho Rules

And more

And more!

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