Design Downloads

Here, I make available all the designs I use for making whatever I make, from Pai Sho sets to deck boxes, or anything else I have created for The Garden Gate Shop. Also be sure to see the forum post where I document my process and workflow with details about everything I do to make and sell Pai Sho sets.

Pai Sho

The Garden Gate Designs

NOTE: The “Modern Tiles” designs seen on The Garden Gate are copyright by their artist and used on The Garden Gate with permission, and in the print-and-play set with permission for users to print for personal use only. See the link to my process/workflow forum post above for more info.

These designs were created by @SkudPaiSho or members of The Garden Gate Community for The Garden Gate and The Garden Gate Shop. See the
The Garden Gate Pai Sho Designs License and Use” section below for details on using these designs.

Print-and-Play: Download the print-and-play set from the Buying Pai Sho page.

Pai Sho Board: Download the designs for The Garden Gate Pai Sho boards – classic and elemental border style and old stop-line style.

Canon Tiles: Download the designs for The Garden Gate Canon Pai Sho Tiles here.

Full Skud Pai Sho Tile Set:

Skud Pai Sho Expansions:

  • Download the original designs for the Skud Pai Sho Ancient Oasis Expansion here.
  • Download the designs for the Original Benders Expansion here.

Vagabond Pai Sho:

  • Download the TGG Vagabond Pai Sho designs by SkudPaiSho and Coeur De Lion – for personal and commercial use. See included License and Use document for details.
  • Download the TGG Vagabond Project designs by SkudPaiSho, based on and inspired by the Canon tiles and the old Pai Sho Project designs.

Elemental Bending Symbol Tiles: Download

Iroh’s Element Cards: Download the designs for Iroh’s Element Cards.

The Garden Gate Pai Sho Designs License and Use: Designs created by @SkudPaiSho or The Garden Gate community. Please use and modify these designs for personal and commercial use, crediting The Garden Gate – For commercial use, please join The Garden Gate community to connect with potential customers and support The Garden Gate on Patreon, if possible, at


Full size Tak board (fit for “Crazy Martin” size pieces from the retail version): download here.

Smaller Full Tak Set With Pieces: 6×6 hybrid Tak board and pieces, including capstone, available to download here. See example set here. The capstone labeled “Maple” is designed for wider material than “Walnut”, and the one labeled “Cherry” is designed for slightly thinner material than “Walnut”. Please use this Tak set design for anything you like, just point people to when you do and share a picture with me if you make a set of your own!


Check out Blooms! Download my Blooms set design here. The pieces are meant to be printed four times, once in each of the four colors. The board is meant to be cut out of a different material than the scoring track.


Download the simple chess set I put together using completely free chess piece designs here. The board is made by scoring the dark squares.


Deck Box – Download a deck box design I made here.