Games Available At The Garden Gate

The following games are available to play online at The Garden Gate. Click on any of their names here to read the rules.

Skud Pai Sho

Vagabond Pai Sho

Capture Pai Sho

Solitaire Pai Sho

Cooperative Solitaire Pai Sho

Overgrowth Pai Sho

Street Pai Sho

Other Games

Don’t forget about these other Pai Sho games and recommended games!

Nick Pai Sho

Nickelodeon’s website has this playable Pai Sho game I call Nick Pai Sho (if unavailable, try this link). It uses tiles based on the four elements, the Avatar, and the White Lotus. Also see this version named Pai Jo and another version of Pai Jo.

Four Nations Force

Four Nations Force is a game from an Avatar: The Last Airbender game for Nintendo DS. The game board is made to look like a mini Pai Sho board. Read the Four Nations Force page for rules and more about the game.


Paiko quickly became one of my favorite games. For a different take on a Pai Sho inspired game, check it out (look here, too)! Paiko is a very different game from Skud Pai Sho or any of the other games on The Garden Gate, and I highly recommend it. While it is inspired by Pai Sho, it is a completely unique and separate game.  It is available to print and play right now, but it is also possible to play it on a Pai Sho board!


I think every fan of Avatar should check out Element, a game where players control the board by wielding the power of the elements.


A member of The Garden Gate created this game and was inspired by my work to create a playable version of it. Check out the Quaterno page for the rules and a link to play the game online.