Nature’s Grove: Overgrowth

Nature’s Grove: Overgrowth is a competitive Pai Sho game built on Solitaire Pai Sho.

Each player plays with a 1-player set of Skud Pai Sho tiles.

  • For a standard game, players use 2 of each Basic Flower Tile, 1 of each Accent Tile, and 1 of each Special Flower Tile
  • For a longer game, use the full Skud Pai Sho set per player (3 of each Basic Flower Tiles, 2 of each Accent Tile, 1 of each Special Flower Tile)
  • For a shorter game, use only 1 of each Basic Flower Tile and 1 of each Special Flower Tile per player

Players alternate drawing and placing a tile, following the same placement rules as Solitaire Pai Sho, with these clarifications:

  • Tiles form harmony or disharmony regardless of whose tile it is
  • Like tiles form disharmony (for example, Rose (R3) forms disharmony with Rose (R3))

The game ends when all tiles have been played. The winner is as follows:

  • The Host wins if there are more Harmonies on the board
  • The Guest wins if there are more Disharmonies on the board