Ancient Oasis Expansion

The Ancient Oasis Expansion for Skud Pai Sho includes three new Accent Tiles to choose to use during play.

When choosing Accent Tiles, players have one of each of the Ancient Oasis Accent Tiles to choose from.

Bamboo Tile Bamboo

  • When played surrounding your Blooming Flower Tile (but not surrounding a Growing Flower Tile in a Gate), return each surrounding tile to owner’s hand
  • Tiles surrounding Bamboo cannot be captured

Pond Tile Pond

  • Flower Tiles may be Planted on points surrounding a Pond belonging to either player
  • (Once Planted, tiles are immediately Blooming)

Lion Turtle Tile Lion Turtle

  • Flower tiles surrounding a Lion Turtle form Harmony with all Basic Flower Tiles of either player
  • The owner of the Lion Turtle owns the Harmonies that include both players’ tiles
  • (Overlap with other Lion Turtle tiles can combine this effect, so Harmonies can potentially belong to both players)