A Pai Sho player shared the game they are making with me, called Quaterno. I was impressed by this game and wanted to share! You can play Quaterno online.


Here are the rules:


The goal of this game is to make two figures. A figure is created when your Moon and Sun are aligned (lined up on a diagonal that crosses the center square) and two of the same kind of tile (one yours and one your opponent’s) perfectly mirror each other across the Moon-Sun axis. It is possible to create two figures on the same turn.

When a figure is created, the mirroring tiles (not the Sun and Moon) used for it cannot be re-used to create another figure later in the game (for example, only the first person to form a figure using the Anchor tiles gets a point for it). Tiles used to create a figure can continue to be moved and used as normal throughout the rest of the game.

Board Setup

Each player’s Sun and Moon tiles begin on the board as shown in a new online game.

Game Setup – Placement Phase

Tiles are placed on the board during the Placement Phase. Tiles must be placed at least four spaces from the center space and cannot be placed on a square that lies on a diagonal that goes through the center of the board.

Placing a tile gives you control of the quarter of the board that tile is placed in. Once your tile is placed in a quarter, your opponent may not place a tile in that quarter during the Placement Phase.

Players take turns placing one tile onto the board. When all tiles are placed, the Placement Phase is complete and play begins.

Playing A Turn

On your turn, either move a tile or use a tile’s action.

Tiles move any number of spaces orthogonally or diagonally but may not move over other tiles (unless otherwise specified – see Sun and Moon tiles).

Instead of moving on your turn, you can use an action on any tile that one of your tiles could reach by moving.



Movement restriction: Cannot move.

Action: Orbit – Move target tile to another space that is the same distance away.


Movement ability: Can move over tiles when moving.

Action: None


Action: Swap – Switch positions with target tile.


Action: Draw Near – Target tile may be moved to any space toward the Anchor.


Action: Push – Target tile may be moved to any open space behind the target tile, away from the Stick.


Action: Place Behind – Target tile may be moved to any open space behind the Compass.


Special Ability: Seize – Opponent’s orthogonally surrounding tiles cannot move or use actions.

Action: None