Pai Sho Playground

The Pai Sho Playground “game” that is available online at The Garden Gate is a playground setting where all tiles are available and no rules are enforced, so Pai Sho games can be playtested and ideas can be tried.

Creating a game setup in Pai Sho Playground:

Create a new Playground game, apply the needed options (like Play in Spaces or a Board Rotation), and set up the board and player tile reserves as needed. The Tile Libraries are bottomless. Click on a tile from a Tile Library and add it to a player’s tile reserve or to the board, and keep doing that as needed to set up a game. To complete the game setup, click “Hide Tile Libraries” and get the Game Replay Link from the “Game Link” option in the side menu. People can use this link to quickly begin a new game with the game setup you have created!

You can post the rules to a game and the game replay link in The Garden Gate Discord’s #game-dev channel to share your game with others!