Fanfiction Recommendations

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Kyoshi Rising

I highly recommend Kyoshi Rising. It is well written and is pretty high quality as far as grammar/typos go (that is to say, the highest quality I’ve seen!). After the first couple chapters, the story and the writing continue to get better and better. It is not complete, but hopefully not abandoned. Still worth reading – it’s fantastic. Highly recommend:

Gambler and Vagabond

I also recommend a story called Gambler and Vagabond. It’s an adventure that is driven by Pai Sho, and it is impressively good. It is incomplete, but again, still worth reading and highly recommended. Download Gambler and Vagabond as epub file to read it.


I am working on a story called Tethers that follows Kyoshi after the creation of Kyoshi island, but is about much deeper things.