Original Benders Expansion

Original Benders Expansion for Skud Pai Sho rules by Ohreaganoe of The Garden Gate Community, so this version of the expansion is affectionately called “Ohreaganol Benders” 🙂

Note that these rules are in development and testing. Please provide feedback in The Garden Gate Discord!

Terms Used

Central Garden Wall: The Central Garden Wall is the square drawn by the diagonal lines separating the Central Gardens from the Neutral Gardens.

Wild Orchid: A Wild Orchid is an Orchid that is able to capture. That is, an Orchid belonging to a player who also has a Blooming Lotus.

Original Benders Rules

Before the game, when selecting Accent Tiles, players select one Original Bender to use during the game.

Original Benders tiles may be played on a Harmony Bonus. When played, they are deployed into an open Gate.


Ocean and Moon Spirits – Tui and La Koi Fish
  • Moves one space any direction
  • Harmonizes with all of your flower tiles except Orchid
  • When forming a new Harmony with the Koi Fish when Arranging, you get two Harmony Bonuses that turn (you can play two Accent Tiles, play an Accent Tile and a Flower Tile, etc)
  • May be captured by an enemy’s Wild Orchid
  • Moves up to four spaces
  • If your Badgermole lands orthogonally adjacent (next to, but not diagonally) any Accent Tile (yours or your opponent’s), you may move that Accent Tile up to two spaces in a straight line away from the Badgermole
  • May be captured by an enemy’s Wild Orchid
  • Moves up to four spaces
  • Can capture any Flower Tile
  • Can be captured by any Flower Tile
  • Your Flower Tiles on spaces surrounding your Dragon are protected from being captured
  • The Dragon is protected from being captured while it is protecting Flowers (while any friendly Flower Tiles are on surrounding spaces)
Sky Bison
  • Moves up to five spaces
  • If your Sky Bison is touching or within the Central Garden Wall (that is, not fully outside the Central Garden Wall):
    • When Arranging your Sky Bison next to any of your Flower Tiles, you may move those Flower Tiles (one at a time) to any empty space that is within a four-space zone around the Sky Bison, but not fully outside of the Central Garden Wall
    • May be captured by an enemy’s Wild Orchid