Four Nations Force

Four Nations Force is a re-themed version of Bagh Chal that is played on a board made to look like a mini Pai Sho board. The game is from an Avatar: The Last Airbender NDS game. See it played here: and read the rules below.

Player 1 uses the Four Nations (FN) tiles. Player 2 uses the 20 People’s tiles.

Game Setup: The FN tiles begin on the four corners of the board. The People’s tiles do not begin on the board.


The FN player wins when capturing four of the People’s tiles.

The People’s player wins when the FN player’s tiles are trapped and they have no available moves.

Phases of the Game: Deployment and Shifting

For the FN in each phase, a turn consists of moving one piece one space in any direction along the lines (as long as the destination is not occupied by another tile). If a FN can jump one People’s tile along a line to an unoccupied space, the People’s tile is captured and removed from the game.

The People’s turns consist of placing a tile on the board on each of their turns. The People’s tiles may not be moved during this phase.

Once the People’s tiles have all been played onto the board, the Shifting phase begins. In this phase, the People’s tiles are moved on their turn. The People’s tiles cannot capture the FN tiles.

The FN player takes the first turn of the game to begin the Deployment phase.