Symbolism & Lore

Symbolism & Lore of Pai Sho in the World of Avatar

Throughout the ages, cultures around the world have embraced the game of Pai Sho.

Each flower used in Pai Sho has a unique symbolism. Flowers that Clash in the game of Pai Sho have a beautiful mirroring symbolism with one another. Experienced players draw wisdom from the Harmony formed by the delicate combinations of these deeper ideas.

Rose & Jasmine

Rose symbolizes love and secrecy, while Jasmine symbolizes hope. These are delicate things that must be handled with care.

Chrysanthemum & Lily

Chrysanthemum symbolizes perfection, while Lily symbolizes virtue. These qualities are highly sought after and require careful planning to achieve.

Rhododendron & White Jade

Rhododendron symbolizes danger, while White Jade symbolizes risk. These are powerful things that must be taken seriously. Failure to do so will have dire consequences.


The Orchid symbolizes strength and has the power to dominate.

White Lotus

The White Lotus symbolizes wisdom and harmony with all. This meek harmony requires a tranquil and confident wisdom, for it can be easily overcome.